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Methodologies and Theories of Mestre Petchú

About KSC Courses & the Nordic/Baltic Kizomba Semba Course

KSC Courses are normally taught in Lisbon but now you don’t need to travel that far to learn from these masters! This Nordic/Baltic Kizomba Semba Teachers Foundation Course gives a wonderful opportunity for current regional teachers, future teachers and Kizomba fanatics to develop themselves further by understanding the roots of Kizomba & Semba. This a wonderful chance to learn all this in Helsinki, Finland, prior to the AfroLatin Flow Festival from Mestre Petchú and Vanessa. Mestre Petchú is considered the founding father of the Kizomba scene in Europe being first Angolan to start teaching Kizomba outside of Angola, in Lisbon, Portugal. Mestre Petchú is considered the Mestre of Kizomba and one of the most respected teachers. He has had many top international teachers as his students including AfroLatin Connection, Albir, Paulo & Lanna, Mauro & Ana and many more. This course in Lisbon has attracted attendees from all over including the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

After one has completed the Kizomba & Semba Foundation course one is able to continue with the Kizomba Specialty or Semba Specialty courses which will take place in Lisbon on several set dates. More info on those dates here

Attending the Kizomba Semba Course

The course is open to current teachers, future teachers and any passionate people wanting a deeper understanding of the foundations. There will be a limited amount of spots available and we try to keep the ratio as even as possible.

Course classes are scheduled to start at 09:30am and finish around 16:30 with 1 hour for lunch and will run from Tuesday June 9th till Friday June 12th.

The course will consist of both Theory and Practical parts.

  • The theory part will cover the history and origins of Kizomba & Semba.
  • The practical part will cover the basic movements and correct techniques for Semba, Kizomba & Tarraxinha.

Course Price
Note that as a bonus the course price includes access to the Helsinki AfroLatin Flow Festival

International Attendees 550 €
Finnish Attendees 650 €

Payments 50% by bank transfer within 2 weeks of registration to reserve your spot, 50% in cash when starting the course.

Bank Transfer Details
IBAN: FI2517453000163438
Recipient: IDNZ
Finnish Reference #: 2015006
International Reference #: RF082015006 (if asked)
Description: AfroLatinFlow KS Teachers Course 2015 – First Name & Last Name

Important notice
This course should be considered as part of a teachers’ education and development and should not be considered a teachers qualification.

The courses will take place in the Sörnäinen area in Helsinki which is easily reached using the metro, busses or trams. We recommend finding accommodation in the area using Airbnb.

Nordic/Baltic Kizomba Semba Course Registration

Name & Profession
Contact Details

Please copy and paste the link of your facebook profile here. We need to connect on facebook in order to add you to the course group.

Other Details
Your Dancing

If you dance or teach any other dance styles please let us know what other dance styles you and for how long. If there's anything else you would like to share with us please enter it here.

If you are attending as a couple or group please enter your code here.

This registration is a binding agreement, once registered the full amount of your registration is due, no refunds. If you can’t attend you are allowed to sell your place to someone else that has not registered yet. If this is the case please inform us using the contact form letting us know who will take your place. The person who will take your place will still need to register in order for us to have their details.

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